You can Own "Tilde The Ancient One"

"Tilde The Ancient One" is coming to the GVR West Center!

Tilde The Ancient One

Raffle tickets for Tilde are $5 for one ticket, $20 for five tickets, and $50 for 15 tickets. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the West Center Box Office during business hours or anytime through PayPal where an electronic entry is made in your name for every ticket purchased

The Javelina Project is an important endeavor with the mission of bringing more tourism to Tucson, Green Valley and Tubac. There will be around 50 fiberglass javelinas placed in various locations across Tucson, Green Valley, and Tubac. The Javelina Project is a public art event sponsored by the GVR Foundation and the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation.

GVR's Santa Rita Art League President Nancy Westorick, 1st Vice President Cynthia Haase, and Treasurer Susan Ettl were selected as a trio to paint “Tilde, The Ancient One.”

Although the largest "herd" will be hanging out in Tubac, about a half dozen will be on display at Tucson International Airport and a couple more will be grazing in Green Valley, including one javelina named Tilde. She will be nestled in the painted alcove on the exterior side of the north entrance to the West Center. Tilde will be publicly displayed from Oct. 26, 2019 through the spring of 2020, where she will then be raffled off to a lucky winner!

Actor and Musician Dennis Quaid signed Tilde when he appeared in concert with Dennis Quaid and the Sharks at the Tubac Golf Resort on Sept. 14, 2019.

Make sure you stop by and grab a photo with Tilde!

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