GGVCF's Non-Profit Learning Institute announces the launch of a new NPO Training Program!

Sign up now for the exciting and informative NPLI Education and Training Program for non-profit and community agencies. This no-cost course consists of four modules that, when completed, will lead to the award of a certificate of completion and to a more productive, effective, unified, sustainable, collaborative and enjoyable agency. Agencies completing the series and receiving the certificate will have an advantage when applying for foundation or donor funding. Contact the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation to sign up for the series and to get the schedule of the workshops. Module topics are:

I. Mission, Values and statement of the need the NPO exists to address and how they will address that need. How to craft a mission and values statement. Ensure that you stress your commitment to transparency and open communications with all your constituencies. A case statement - clarifying why you exist, why you make a difference and why donors and potential supporters should care A strategic plan - why you need one and how to develop it.

II. Building a service delivery structure - the basics of NPO Governance Basic documents - articles of incorporation, application for IRS 501c3 status and the IRS letter granting you that status, bylaws, personnel policies, conflict of interest. Board membership - recruiting diverse membership appropriate to your mission and dedicated to your work, leadership - what kind, board member job description with commitments of time, support and annual donation. How to have effective and productive meetings - principles of consultation. Accurate and timely board and committee minutes that reflect what decisions were taken and who is responsible for implementing each decision. Staff & volunteers - who will do the work? Recruiting, rewarding and retaining the right people. Hiring and firing - guidelines. Job descriptions, training for staff and volunteers Program development and evaluation - ensuring that programs fit within the goals of your strategic plan and that you can measure and demonstrate their impact to stakeholders Explore the effective use of social media and online forms of program delivery. Ensure that you have an attractive website that makes your programs and services easily understood and accessible.

III. Resource development - human and financial assets Give priority to leadership recruitment and development - your governance and programs are only as good as the people doing them. Give special focus to involving youth - building the next generation of leaders, a succession plan and a structure to recruit, train, supervise and reward volunteers as in many cases they will be your primary workforce. Develop a multiyear budget with the income needed to support the goals of your strategic plan and cover your administrative costs Create a financial development plan that draws on diverse funding sources capable of generating stable revenue sources capable of meeting your budget needs. Include training on how to apply for local funding opportunities, available grants in your mission area, AZ Dept. of Revenue credits, challenge grants on line, events, use of online crowd funding etc. Ensuring that your money supports your mission Financial reports, financial records and financial reporting - the role and responsibilities of the treasurer How to scale up to handle success

IV. Collaboration and Partnerships - working smarter by working together Principles governing effective and sustainable program collaborations and agency partnerships - compatible missions, clear written roles and responsibilities, compatible staff and boards etc. Asset development through sharing of assets - supporting your programs from local not outside sources Seeking strategic partners in NPO, private (business) and public (government) sectors.

Certificate for completion: Upon completion of the 4 modules, an agency will be given a framed certificate. GGVCF will let all agencies seeking grant support from GGVCF that holding such a certificate will be an important factor in evaluating their grant application.

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